Are you ready to create FREEDOM for yourself?

 Are you ready to fully express yourself and expand your life?

Are you ready to become the leader in your own life?

Are you ready to realise your Vision and purpose?

Join us on a 3 month journey to ‘Unearth Your Life’

We believe this powerful journey will uplevel all areas of your life, if you participate in it 100%.  

This is a very special journey that we would love to share with you.  

This journey will raise your awareness and allow you to see yourself in a new light.  This journey is one of self-love, self-acceptance and believing in yourself.   

We believe that when you believe in yourself, your life will radically change and you will experience incredible JOY and ABUNDANCE!


Come with us on this 12 week mind EXPANDING journey...

  • What to expect

    Weekly content and lessons, 12 weeks worth of content, 12 different topics / Private Facebook group - The ultimate accountability group / Masterclasses from incredible people, who Jill & Lynette have both learned from / Bonus LIVES in the Facebook group / Actions to be taken to push you out of your comfort zone / Meditations

  • Some topics we will cover

    Imagination & Vision / Self-confidence / Leadership / Emotional triggers / Relationships & Sex / Manifestation / Money & Financial well-being

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Imagine if YOU woke up everyday feeling EXCITED for the day ahead?

This is possible and we truly believe if you join us on this journey, you will remember who you truly are and feel that true excitement!

Countdown to Unearth your Life course

Save your spot now and join us on the 1st of September 2021!

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A life changing journey

Katrina Skinner

My UYP and UYL journey has been life changing! It’s been the start of a new way of living for me. Before it I had lost my mojo, didn’t feel great or really know why. That all changed when I started UYP. Not only has it changed the way I think, it’s positively changed relationships with friends and family. I’m now about to enter 2021 potentially changing career direction and have manifested a number of things since starting this journey in 2021. But best of all for me I’ve met an incredible group of people and have made truly great friends who have been nothing but supportive of me and I know our friendships will only get stronger. I’m excited about the future and can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank you Jill, Lynette and everyone who has been part of this with me

Powerful stuff!

Steven McColl

UYL is for people that want to get on in life. Roll up the sleeves and get stuck in to goals, challenges, self improvement, lifelong learning and a better you. The unexpected thing that came out of it was the deep connections and friendships that have come out of the 12 weeks, meeting people who share a quest for a good and better life. Powerful stuff, with the knowledge that the 12 weeks is only the start of the quest for a better me! Crazy exciting. Thank you Jill & Lynette and all my friends from the course.

Nothing is impossible


Unearth your power has been the most profound course I have ever done. It’s had such a huge impact on the way I deal life’s ups and downs, I appreciate all I have so much more. Since doing UYP I have made things I’ve wanted for years to actually become reality, for example for about 10yrs we have been talking about getting our bathroom renovated, we’ve never really had that sort of cash available but since doing UYP I have been in a better mood set to take on more work and been able to afford the complete gutting and renovation of my bathroom. After UYP I moved on to UYL, this has opened up so much for me, Its a lot more involved than UYP but you get out what you put in, I have learnt so much about myself and my goals, and will continue to utilise this throughout my life. Most importantly of all for me is the amazing people I’ve met along the journey. They are all amazing, resourceful, powerful and truly supportive new friends. I now know that there is nothing that is impossible. Thanks to Lynette and Jill for everything.