Unearth Your Power is a 21 day journey that will help you to tap into your unlimited source of power and potential that we believe lives in every single human being.

We believe that you can become whoever you wish to become by using the power of your mind. 

We believe in you and we want you to believe in yourself because when you do your life will positively change and transform. 


Each day we will share amazing content with you, in the content there will be ideas, tools and techniques that will help you grow, expand and evolve.  

Our 21 day journey will raise your awareness, raising your awareness helps you to feel happier. 

We believe if you participate in all 21 days you will leave this journey feeling happier and more excited about your life.  Your new awareness will improve all areas of your life. 

When your mind has been bathed in new ideas it becomes more alert and is ready and willing to take action.   


The intention of this 21 day journey is to awaken you to what is possible, we want you to aim high and life, we want you to experience life at a higher level. 


We believe abundance is available to all who know how the Universe works, when you concentrate your thoughts everyday on what you want and focus all your attention on where you are going and focus your attention on how great you are, you will raise your vibration and experience so much abundance and joy. 

The 21 day journey

  • WEEK 1

    Day 1 and we kick off with our 1st powerful workshop that was recorded live on our first ever 'Unearth Your Power' journey. The 1st week is all about building the foundations of your self care practise, this practise will set you up for success. We will share tools and techniques that will help to raise your awareness & tune you into your intuition.

  • WEEK 2

    Day 7 we have our 2nd powerful workshop, in this session we will guide you through a Goals & Vision workshop. Week 2 we will uncover your thinking, your reasoning and stretch you out of your comfort zone. Day 14 we have our 3rd powerful workshop, in this workshop we share more ideas, inspiration and wisdom to move you forward.

  • WEEK 3

    Week 3 we will raise your awareness with your money mindset, we will guide you to create a future vision for yourself, we will help you to uncover why your vision is relevant to you and we will share how to become an awesome manifester.

Our private group

We have set up a private Facebook group and our intention is to create a safe confidential space for every single member, we need your help with this, whatever is shared in that group musn’t be shared anywhere else, you can share your own experience with the 21 day journey anywhere you like but please do not share any other members journey. We want you to participate as much as possible into the Facebook group, connect with others and step out of your comfort zone, you may just gain a whole new group of friends.