Unearth your Online Course & fast track your way to your first £10k month in 10 weeks

Course starts on August 1st 2021

Do you want to create your own online course sharing something that you love and are passionate about, but you are not sure how to get started?


Maybe you're avoiding taking action because you believe you need a bigger social media following, or the thought of Facebook Ads turns you off instead of on?


Perhaps you have a business already, but are struggling to generate £5k or £10k months?

We have created multiple £10k months with no real social media following, and ZERO paid ads

We are excited to show you how you can do the same if you follow our method.

All you need is YOU, your uniqueness and a desire to create something great.

What to expect:

  • 10 weeks of content

  • 10 modules

  • 10 Live weekly Zoom group calls for 1 hour Q&A followed by 30 Minutes High Vibrational movement session

Here at UYP we are all about fast tracking you to life success, and our course ‘Unearthed’ is no exception.

Our course starts on August 1st 2021

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