Meet Jill Ritchie

Jill is a Global Life Coach specialising in Intuitive Energy Coaching, and Transformation, Empowerment and Mindset Coaching.

I have 16 years experience in management & coaching. I am a certified Life Coach and have worked with some of the most successful and amazing people across the world. I have always loved coaching and supporting people to fulfil their goals. I am living my dream because I invested in myself - you can do the same!

Meet Lynette Gray

Lynette's coaching style is unique, using a mixture of heart connection, intuition, meditation and deep coaching questions to connect you to your heart.

I will help you open up your heart space which will allow you to grow, expand, evolve and come alive, in this space you will feel connected to the rest of humanity and the World and it is here where anything is possible, it is here you will tune into your own wisdom and find your own answers.